Intersex embodiments, ontologies, and the human rights system

A working paper on intersex embodiments in the human rights system, and ontologies of intersex.

This was a paper I wrote as part of a (now completed) Masters in Bioethics program, at Sydney Health Ethics, University of Sydney Medical School. It discussed the idea that different models of intersex have different goals and consequences. The research contributed to a thesis that will be published as a book chapter, and summarised in a journal article in 2018:

Morgan Carpenter. 2018 (forthcoming). ‘The “normalisation” of intersex bodies and “othering” of intersex identities: the experience in Australia’. In Jens Sherpe, Anatol Dutta, and Tobias Helms (editors). The Legal Status of Intersex Persons. Cambridge, UK: Intersentia.

Morgan Carpenter. 2018 (forthcoming). The ‘normalisation’ of intersex bodies and ‘othering’ of intersex identities in Australia. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry.