Speeches and presentations.

UN Human Rights Council side event

UN Human Rights Council side event, 2014.

Speeches and presentations

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Selected presentations are detailed below. Text, audio, video and/or translations are available where noted. Academic lectures and other presentations for students studying programs in bioethics, genetic counselling, sexual health, and medicine, follow at the bottom of the page.

Presentations in 2018

  • Presentation on Promoting diversity and inclusion, a business introduction to intersex for SAP, Sydney. 26 October 2018.
  • Presentation for Intersex Awareness Day for Thomson Reuters Legal Australia, Sydney. 23 October 2018.
  • Guest/keynote speaker, Swinburne Pride 2018, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria. 17 October 2018. More details
  • Co-organiser, Intersex Awareness Day party meetings at the Australian Parliament House, Canberra. 16 August 2018.
  • Opening plenary speaker and workshop presenter at the Australian Ally Conference 2018: “Activating Human Rights: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status – Leading the Change”. Curtin University, Western Australia. 27-28 September 2018. Conference details
  • Presentation on Intersex: Contested bodies, contested identities, at the Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law (AABHL) conference at Rydges Townsville, Queensland. 23 September 2018. Presentation details, conference details
  • Presentation on Social change and interventions for intersex variations (“DSDs”) with Tony Briffa and Bonnie Hart, at the 10th National Paediatric Bioethics Conference, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Victoria. 5-7 September 2018.
  • Panelist on Intersex-inclusive Development and Advocacy on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development at Leaving No One Behind: the Equal Rights Coalition Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development. Vancouver, Canada. 5-7 August 2018. Conference details
  • Workshop on the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10, and presentation on The medical ‘normalisation’ of intersex bodies and the ‘othering’ of intersex identities at the Intersex Social Science: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship conference. 4-5 June 2018, University of Bologna, Italy. Conference details
  • Speaker at Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status Research: Data Collection, Analysis, Social and Policy Engagement, organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the United Nations Development Program. 9-10 May 2018, Hong Kong. Conference details
  • Joint lead in a panel presentation by 12 intersex persons, with Bonnie Hart (co-lead), Elise Nyhuis, Derek Tys, Peter Low, Cody Smith, Kelly O’Shea, Paul Byrne-Moroney, Steph Lum, Georgie Yovanovic, Candice Cody and Mani Mitchell; presentation on Progress or prevarication: intersex health and rights in Australia, at the Health in Difference conference, Redfern, Sydney, 11-13 April 2018. Conference details
  • LGBTI human rights lecture: From pink triangles to social acceptance? Reflections on human rights and the journey still to come. Presented by ACON and Sydney Health Ethics, with Dr Astrid Ley, Justice Michael Kirby and Professor Jenni Millbank. Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton St, Darlinghurst, 13 March 2018. Details
  • Presentation to the Religious Freedoms Review expert panel, Sydney, 9 March 2018.
  • Opening plenary panel discussion at the Better Together conference, with Daniel Witthaus, Esther Montgomery, Misty Farquhar and Grant Maynard; chair of a panel session on Intersex justice and equality with Paul Byrne-Moroney, Cody Smith, Steph Lum and Elise Nyhuis. Melbourne Town Hall, 12 January 2018. Schedule

Presentations in 2017

  • Progress or prevarication: the normalisation of intersex bodies and the othering of intersex identities in Australia, University of Technology, Sydney. 26 October 2017. Details
  • Joint panel presentation to the Parliamentary Friends of LGBTIQ People: Intersex is not invisible, Australian Parliament, Canberra. 19 October 2017. Details
  • Intersex: between normalisation and othering, The Conversation, Sydney Health Ethics, University of Sydney School of Medicine. 3 August 2017.
  • Opening keynote presentation at Art(i)culations of Violence: Gender, sex, sexuality and the politics of injury and revivification, University of South Australia, 13-14 July 2017. Details.
  • Prenatal diagnosis and the elimination of intersex variations, at a joint seminar by the Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values, and Ethics (CAVE) and Sydney Health Ethics at the University of Sydney. Speakers also included Dr Tereza Hendl and Dr Sascha Callaghan (Sydney), Dr Wendy Rogers and Dr Kate Gleeson (Macquarie), and Dr Tamara Kayali Browne (Deakin). Macquarie University, Sydney, 9 June 2017. Details and on Facebook
  • Intersex – misconceptions and surgical interventions, at the First Annual LGBTI Legal & Regulatory Conference, Stamford Plaza Hotel, Melbourne, 25-26 May 2017. Details.
  • Australian Human Rights Commission RightsTalk: Creating Equality – The Role of Law in Protecting SOGII Rights, with Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow; Anna Brown, Director of Advocacy and Strategic Litigation, Human Right Law Centre; and Imam Nur Warsame, Founder of Marhaba, a social support group for LGBTIQ Muslims. Wednesday 22 February 2017, 5-6pm, at Level 3, 175 Pitt Street, Sydney. Text of speech and video of event, press statement by the Commission
  • Statement to the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, with Miriam van der Have (NNID/OII Europe), Dan Ghattas (IVIM/OII Europe), Betsy Driver (Bodies Like Ours) and Mauro Cabral (GATE/Justicia Intersex), in my role as a consultant to GATE. Geneva, 25 January 2017. More details and full text
  • Senate hearing on the Commonwealth Government’s exposure draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill. Canberra, 25 January 2017 (via teleconference). Full text available via Hansard.

Presentations in 2016

  • A webinar for the National LGBTI Health Alliance on Intersex human rights: addressing harmful practices and rhetoric of change, Wednesday 7 December at 1pm (AEDT). More information or watch.
  • Intersex, thinking outside the box: intersex, identity, harmful practices and 20 years of activism. A talk for Intersex Awareness Day on Wednesday 26 October 2016, from 12 to 1pm at the University of Technology, Sydney, Building CB08.02.002 (the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building). Text published by the Intersex Day Project; short version published by Archer Magazine.
  • Intersex Human Rights: Why we need research supporting an affirmative model of care, collaborative panel presentation at the conference After the Recognition of Intersex Human Rights. Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Surrey, England, September 2016. With Holly Greenberry (iUK) Dr Tanya Ní Mhuirthile (Dublin City University), Kimberly Zieselman (interACT), Dr Georgiann Davis (UNLV), Kitty Anderson (OII Europe & Intersex Iceland), Miriam van der Have (OII Europe & Nederlands Netwerk Intersekse/DSD), and Daniela Truffer (Zwischengeschlecht).
  • Depathologisation, a cross-movement session at the 13th AWID International Forum. Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, September 2016.
  • UTS Law Society panel on Gender and sexual diversity, UTS Building 11, 5.30pm on 23 August 2016, with David Bennett QC, Geoff Holland (UTS Law), Hilary Kincaid (Inner City Legal Centre) and Ruth Nocka (Corrs Chambers Westgarth).
  • AWID Forum webinar on Bridging Gaps: A Conversation between Disability, Intersex and Trans Activists, 17 August 2016, with Janet Price, Leigh Ann van der Merwe and Nidhi Goyal. More information. Video available.
  • Challenges and Lived Realities, panel presentation at the Global LGBTI Human
    Rights Conference 2016: Non-Violence, Non-Discrimination and Social Inclusion
    , Montevideo, Uruguay, 13 July 2016.
  • The human rights of intersex people, 10 years after the Yogyakarta Principles and the Chicago ‘consensus’ statement, for Justicia Intersex and the Ministerio Público Tutelar of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7 July 2016. Video interview available
  • Intersex issues in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), presentation at WPATH, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21 June 2016, in collaboration with Mauro Cabral (GATE/Justicia Intersex) and Miriam van der Have (NNID/OII Europe).
  • Macquarie University Law Society Social Justice Speaker Night focusing on “LGBTQI+ and the Law, Sydney, 27 April 2016. Speakers include Jenny Leong (Greens MP for Newtown), Michael Kearney SC, Morgan Carpenter (OII Australia) and Kate Gleeson (Macquarie University), and chaired by Jon Papadopoulo.
  • Sydney Ideas: The Silent Tears Project at the University of Sydney, 6 April 2016. Morgan spoke about identity and medicine, appearing on a panel with Susan Salthouse (Member of the COAG Advisory Panel to reduce violence against women), Megan Mitchell (National Children’s Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission), Associate Professor Kirsty Foster (Associate Dean, Sydney Medical School), and participants in the Silent Tears Project. The event was co-presented with the Centre for Disability Research and Policy at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Audio available – Morgan’s presentation begins at around 53 minutes in.
  • Late Night Library: Queerstories; a personal story, in Kings Cross, Sydney, on 2 March 2016, presented by Blackcat Productions, also including Rebecca Shaw, Colleen Windsor, Dr Emma A Jane (UNSW) and Candy Royalle.
  • International dialogue on culture/tradition and its intersection with gender and sexuality, Middle East and North Africa, co-organised by ARC International and MantiQitna Network and held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 20-22 February 2016. This was a Joint presentation with Mauro Cabral (GATE/Justicia Intersex) and Hiker Chiu (Oii-Chinese).
  • Arcus Forum: Invisible No More, 22 January 2016. A panel on the international intersex human rights movement, presented at the conference Creating Change in Chicago, USA. Morgan spoke alongside Natasha Jímenez (Costa Rica), Julius Kaggwa (Uganda), Hiker Chiu (Taiwan), Silvan Agius (Malta) and Kimberly Zieselmen (US). Video available.
At the opening of the OHCHR intersex expert meeting, September 2015. Photo: OHCHR.

At the opening of the OHCHR intersex expert meeting, September 2015. Photo: OHCHR.

Presentations in 2015

  • Plenary panel presentation on Crossing new frontiers of rights recognition at the OutSummit Conference held by OutRight Action International at CUNY Law School, New York, USA, 12 December 2015. Fellow panelists were Monica Tabengwa (PAI, Botswana/South Africa), Mauro Cabral (GATE/Justicia Intersex, Argentina), Evelyn Schlatter (Southern Poverty Law Center, US), and Masha Gessen (journalist, Russia/US). The session was moderated by Jessica Stern of OutRight International.
  • Presentation, meetings and discussion on Intersex issues in sport with Dainius Puras, UN Special Rapporteur on health, and representatives of the International Olympic Committee, researchers and experts. Geneva, Switzerland, 30 November – 1 December 2015. The report, A/HRC/32/33, was published on 4 April 2016.
  • Intersex Awareness Day presentation on Intersex bodies and the society that shapes them at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), 26 October 2015. This talk covered health and human rights issues.
  • Intersex expert meeting on ending human rights violations against intersex persons opened by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and UN Human Rights Council with intersex human rights defenders from five continents, bioethicists, legal experts and medical experts. Geneva, September 2015. Press statement and opening remarks available.
  • Chaired a UN Human Rights Council side event on Intersex human rights, with intersex human rights defenders from five continents: Julius Kaggwa (SIPD Uganda), Dan Christian Ghattas (OII Europe), Hiker Chiu (Oii-Chinese) and Kimberly Zieselman (interACT US). Geneva, Switzerland, September 2015. Video available.
  • Joint workshop presentation on Beyond an Intersex 101: disorders, bodies and identities, with Bonnie Hart, president of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia to the Health in Difference conference, 2015, National Convention Centre in Canberra, Australia, 15 August 2015.
  • Speaking tour of Italy, May 2015 including speeches at Università Degli Studi Di Verona (Centro di Ricerca Politesse Politiche e Teorie Della Sessualità, Verona); Università Degli Studi Firenze (Florence); Comitato Unico di Garanzia, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Careggi (Florence); an IDAHOT event organised by Piemonte Region; a meeting at Casa Arcobaleno organised by Coordinamento Torino Pride LGBT (Turin); and also a presentation with the cofounder of intersexioni and Certi Diritti hon. president Alessandro Comeni at the Casa del Popolo di Settignano, Tuscany, on Self-determination, physical integrity, freedom of choice for people with intersex traits. The tour was made possible thanks to the Marie Curie Actions research project “intersexions” by Dr Michela Balocchi (Marie Curie research fellow and cofounder of intersexioni).
  • Moderation of presentations on Intersex health and human rights to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2015, in partnership with OII Europe, GATE and The Committee subsequently made recommendations to Germany that included protecting the integrity of intersex persons.
  • Intersex and ageing, LGBTI ageing round table, Sydney, Australia, 3 February 2015. Full text available. Also published in Spanish as Intersexualidad y envejecimiento by Laura Inter at Brújula Intersexual.

Presentations in 2014

Presentations in 2013

Presentations in 2012

Academic lecturing and presentations

  • Guest lecturer on intersex variations and culture, for students studying a Masters program in Sexology at Curtin University, Perth. October 2018.
  • Guest lecturer in the Biomedicine and Society unit (BETH5103), for students in postgraduate Bioethics Programs, Sydney Health Ethics, University of Sydney. Semester 2, 2018.
  • Lecture on intersex to second year students of the Sydney Medical Program block on Endocrinology, Nutrition and Sexual Health, University of Sydney. 23 May 2018.
  • A repeat guest lecture for the Sex, Gender & Sexuality unit (SEXH5407) of the Masters degree programs in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health at the University of Sydney Medical School. October 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Repeat presentations for final year students taking the unit GENC5011, Clinical Practice III, Master of Genetic Counselling Program, Sydney Medical School – Northern. North Shore, Sydney. August 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Workshop and presentation on Inclusive schools for students with intersex variations to the National Safe Schools Symposium, 30 July 2015. Full text available.
  • Presentation on Intersex health and well-being to the University of Melbourne Medical Doctor Student Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre, 30 June 2015.
  • Introduction to intersex presentations at Università Degli Studi Di Verona (Centro di Ricerca Politesse Politiche e Teorie Della Sessualità, Verona); Università Degli Studi Firenze (Florence); and Comitato Unico di Garanzia, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Careggi (Florence). May, 2015.
  • Lecture on intersex for the Bodies, Sexualities, Identities unit for students studying at the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney, 30 April 2013.