Selected interviews, appearances and quotations. For writings by Morgan see publications.
Page last reviewed 20 July 2021

Selected media in 2021

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Selected media in 2020

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Selected media in 2019

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Selected media in 2018

Duffield, Charlie. ‘“Being Intersex Can Be Beautiful” – It Shouldn’t Deny You Choices About Your Body’. RightsInfo, 11 December 2018.

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Selected media in 2017

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Selected media in 2016

Copland, Simon. ‘The Medical Community’s Approach to Intersex People Is Still Primarily Focused on “normalising” Surgeries’. SBS, 15 December 2016.

Overington, Caroline. ‘Family Court Backs Parents on Removal of Gonads from Intersex Child’. The Australian, 7 December 2016. [$]

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Brook, Benedict. ‘There Should Be No Questions about Caster Semenya’s Right to Compete at the Olympics, Say Experts’. NewsComAu, 16 August 2016. Please note that some intersex people do transition, but specific, current and different IAAF/IOC rules apply to transgender athletes. We don’t know if Caster Semenya has an intersex trait or not, but she is simply competing with the body she was born with, in the sex and gender she has always been.

Milanowicz, Katie. ‘Intersex Body Politics’. Lateral Magazine, 7 March 2016. Please note that Morgan is pro-personal consent, not anti-surgery.

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Selected media in 2015

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Selected media in 2013

Cox, Lisa. ‘ACT Government Bill Will Introduce Wider Gender Identification’. The Canberra Times. 29 November 2013.

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Coorey, Madeleine. ‘Australia Embraces New Gender Guidelines’. Agence France Presse, 14 June 2013.