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Books and book chapters

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘The “Normalisation” of Intersex Bodies and “Othering” of Intersex Identities’. In The Legal Status of Intersex Persons, edited by Jens Scherpe, Anatol Dutta, and Tobias Helms, 445–514. Cambridge, England: Intersentia, 2018. doi:10.1017/9781780687704.028; download on this author site or via publisher

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Torn between Two Worldviews: Intersex People and Marriage Equality’. In Going Postal: More than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, 42–47. Melbourne: Brow Books, 2018.

Cabral Grinspan, Mauro, and Morgan Carpenter. ‘Gendering the Lens: Critical Reflections on Gender, Hospitality and Torture’. In Gender Perspectives on Torture: Law and Practice, 183–96. Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, Washington College of Law, American University, 2018.

Carpenter, Morgan, and Dawn Hough. Employers’ Guide to Intersex Inclusion. Sydney, Australia: Pride in Diversity and Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited, 2014.

Carpenter, Morgan, and Nexus Research Co-operative. The Employment of People with Disabilities in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Dublin, Ireland: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions; 1998.

Peer-reviewed articles

Carpenter, Morgan. 2020. ‘Caster Semenya’s Life and Achievements Are Cause for Celebration, Respect and Inclusion; Her Exclusion Is Consequential’. Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (9): 593-4. doi:10.1136/medethics-2020-106506 author manuscript

Carpenter, Morgan. 2020. ‘Intersex Human Rights, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Sex Characteristics and the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10’. Culture, Health and Sexuality. doi:10.1080/13691058.2020.1781262 author manuscript

Carpenter, Morgan. 2020. ‘The OHCHR Background Note on Human Rights Violations against Intersex People’. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters 28 (1): 1–4. doi:10.1080/26410397.2020.1731298

Carpenter, Morgan. 2020. ‘Intersex’. In Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology, edited by Lynette Spillman. New York: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/OBO/9780199756384-0232

Karkazis, Katrina, and Morgan Carpenter. 2018. ‘Impossible “Choices”: The Inherent Harms of Regulating Women’s Testosterone in Sport’. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 15 (4): 579–87. doi:10.1007/s11673-018-9876-3

Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘The “Normalization” of Intersex Bodies and “Othering” of Intersex Identities in Australia’. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 15 (4): 487–95. doi:10.1007/s11673-018-9855-8 This is a summary version of the book chapter with a similar name.

Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘Intersex Variations, Human Rights, and the International Classification of Diseases’. Health and Human Rights 20 (2): 205–14.

Carpenter, Morgan. 2016. ‘The Human Rights of Intersex People: Addressing Harmful Practices and Rhetoric of Change’. Reproductive Health Matters 24 (47): 74–84. doi:10.1016/j.rhm.2016.06.003

Invited articles

Carpenter, Morgan. 2020. ‘Caster Semenya’s Life and Achievements Are Cause for Celebration, Respect and Inclusion; Her Exclusion Is Consequential’. Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (9): 593-4. doi:10.1136/medethics-2020-106506 author manuscript

Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘What Do Intersex People Need from Doctors?’ RANZCOG O&G Magazine 20 (4): 32–33.

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Intersex Human Rights: Clinical Self-Regulation Has Failed’. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 26 October 2018.

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Intersex People: Not Invisible in Sport but Inadvertently Excluded’. Play by the Rules, 13 September 2018.

Collaborative statements and principles

Yogyakarta Principles plus 10

Earp, Brian D., Jonathan Lewis, Carl L. Hart, and Bioethicists and Allied Professionals for Drug Policy Reform. 2021. ‘Racial Justice Requires Ending the War on Drugs’. The American Journal of Bioethics. 0 (0): 1–29. doi:10.1080/15265161.2020.1861364

Yogyakarta Principles. The Yogyakarta Principles Plus 10: Additional Principles and State Obligations on the Application of International Human Rights Law in Relation to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics, to Complement the Yogyakarta Principles, 2017. Signatory and member of drafting committee.

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia, Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, Organisation Intersex International Australia, Eve Black, Kylie Bond, Tony Briffa, Morgan Carpenter, et al. ‘Darlington Statement’. Sydney, New South Wales, March 2017. Participant.

Third international intersex forum. ‘Malta Declaration: Public Statement by the Third International Intersex Forum’. Floriana, Malta, 2 December 2013. Participant.

Press articles

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Intersex Awareness Day: Thinking Outside the Box’. Archer Magazine, 26 October 2016.

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Thinking Outside the Box’. Intersex Day, 26 October 2016.
SBS News comment: 'curing' intersex is damaging and common
Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Intersex-Related Research Must Have Direct Input from Intersex Community’. Star Observer. 21 October 2015. Translated into Spanish as La investigación relacionada a la intersexualidad debe tener una contribución directa de la comunidad intersex. Translation by Laura Inter, Brújula Intersexual.

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Comment: “Curing” Intersex Is Damaging and Common’. SBS The Feed, 16 March 2015. Translated into Spanish as Comentario: ‘Curar’ la intersexualidad es perjudicial y común. Translation by Laura Inter, Brújula Intersexual

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Intersex Explained and the Issues That Confront Us’. Star Observer. 13 March 2014.
The Guardian, June 2013
Carpenter, Morgan. ‘It’s Time to Defend Intersex Rights’. Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 15 November 2013, sec. The Drum.

Carpenter, Morgan. ‘Australia Can Lead the Way for Intersex People’. The Guardian, 18 June 2013. Translated into Dutch as Australië wegwijzer voor intersekse. Translation by Miriam van der Have, NNID.