Intersex side event at the 30th Human Rights Council, Geneva. Left to right: Morgan Carpenter (OII Australia), Kimberly Zieselman (Advocates for Informed Choice, US), Dan Ghattas (OII Europe, Germany), Hiker Chiu (Oii-Chinese, Taiwan), Julius Kaggwa (Support Initiative for People with atypical Sex Development, Uganda). Photo: ILGA

UN side event on intersex and human rights

On Friday 18 September 2015 Morgan moderated a side event held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, for the 30th UN Human Rights Council with intersex human rights defenders from five continents.

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Intersex and ageing

This is the text of a speech given on intersex and ageing to a local NSW audience on Monday 2 February by Morgan Carpenter. It follows the 2012 publication of an intersex-inclusive national strategy for LGBTI ageing and aged care but limited improvements in understanding or action.

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Intersex people and mental health: speech at Courageous Voices

Morgan Carpenter was a plenary speaker at Courageous Voices, the LGBTI Mental Health Conference 2014. Morgan spoke for 15 minutes on mental health and cultural issues as part of a wide ranging plenary session with Gávi Ansara and Margaret Maymen on LGBTI issues, religion, culture and also intersex.